Texo is an innovative Australian company servicing the building, construction and mining industries.

The company’s motto is “Inspired by Innovation and Partnerships”, which reflects Texo’s commitment to sustainable design and construction with technology and products that are innovative, high quality and durable. These partnerships are centred on professionalism and great service – hallmarks of the Texo brand.

Texo has now secured the exclusive rights to the marketing and sales of the Naxan product in the Australian and New Zealand markets, and is proud to introduce such an innovative product to this part of the world. The product is ideally suited to architects, builders and asset owners seeking to create a better built environment through the utilisation of leading edge, sustainable technology.

In addition to Naxan, Texo manufactures and supplies a diverse range of specialised construction products. The company’s product range includes items from underground water storage tanks to reinforcing fibres for concrete.

Texo aims to introduce its customers to the best possible construction consumables and services available worldwide. This also includes a responsibility to help customers work more sustainably, effectively and produce more environmentally efficient structures, whatever their intended use.

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