Whether you’re an architect, a builder or a commercial designer, Naxan is the sustainable and low-maintenance solution you’ve been looking for. Environmentally-friendly and extremely weather-resistant, Naxan is perfect for your next project.

Naxan for Builders

For builders working across high, medium and low-density residential projects, Naxan is a cost-effective, long-term solution for a range of situations where hard-wearing and long-lasting finishes are required. Naxan’s water-resistant properties, utilising Resysta® technology, ensure it requires little maintenance, making it ideal for projects where decking or cladding is specified, and in weather-affected environments such as wharves, marinas and pools.

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Naxan for Architects

For the architectural community, Naxan offers unlimited creativity, opening up exciting new possibilities for large masterplanned precincts, commercial office towers and high-density residential developments. Ideal for use as a unique architectural façade, a cladding feature or landscape element, Naxan has the look and feel, plus the durability, to make it a lasting feature of any project.

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Naxan for Commercial

For commercial environments, Naxan has a strong pedigree, with a range of international clients and major corporate brands using Naxan to achieve a standout finish. Naxan’s unique ability to recreate the look and feel of wood, but without splintering, cracking of swelling, make it the perfect choice in commercial, retail and industrial settings.

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